Are you worried about leaving you pet, large or small, home alone during the day while you're at work; or are they too old or scared of a new environment to be put in kennels or a cattery when you go on holiday?  If so, Hugo's Ark Pet & House Sitting Service is perfect for you!

My Pet Sitting Service offers two visits a day and enables your pet to be looked after in the comfort of their own home where they feel most relaxed. During a home visit I will clean out a cat's litter tray, clean up any accidents, feed and give any medication, fresh water and of course those all important cuddles!  I will also give the house a security check and bring in any mail as well.

My House Sitting Service allows your pets to remain in their familiar surroundings and follow their normal routines, allowing you to go away with the knowledge that they are in the home they know, being loved and cared for and your home is in safe hands which can deter burglars, squatters or vandals.  

Please note... my van is sign written so I will not park in front of your home on a visit or a full house sitting service while you are away.